Hard Money Loans can close as fast as 7 days

WE CAN DO THAT LOAN! Our Hard Money program is one of our most popular products and it will allow buyers who don’t qualify with conventional banks to get a loan. One of the benefits of this type of loans is that the buyer will need to provide very limited documentation. Another great benefit of Hard Money Loans is that we can close you as fast as in 7 days in most cases once the title is clear for closing.

About Spark Mortgage


  • Second Homes and Investment Properties
  • Loan Terms: 2 to 5 Years
  • No Prepayment Penalty Option
  • Domestics / Foreign Nationals
  • No Escrows required
  • Houses, Condominiums
  • Closing 7 to 10 days, once the title is clear to close
  • Personal or Corporate, LLC Title
  • State of Florida